Ketchups and pickles

Pickled beets in maple sypup

Format: 500 ml

The famous beets! These pickled beets have a perfect balance between the vinegar and sweetside.
Inspired by the family recipe, we have added maple syrup to give a more « Québec» touch!

Food pairings: Serve with a pork roast, ragout and even shephard’s pie.

Ingrédient: beets, vinegar, water, brown sugar, maple syrup, marinade spices.

Fruit Ketchup

Format: 290 ml, 500 ml

This flavorful fruit ketchup will without a doubt remind you of your grandmother’s ketchup.
Made according the family recipe, this ketchup is cooked slowly to blend all its flavors.

Food pairings: You use it with everything!

Ingrédient: red tomatoes, pears, apples, peaches, onions, green peppers, sugar, white vinegar,
sea salt, marinade spices.

Rhubarb Chutney

Format: 290 ml

This rhubarb chutney will surprise you by its balance between
the spicy (cinnamon, ginger) and sweet side.

Food pairings: Serve with meat pie and chicken pot pies. To be discovered with egg-rolls and game
(deer, moose…) Can be used to enhance a sandwich (turkey or ham)

Ingrédient: Brown sugar, rhubarb, onions, dry raisins, white vinegar, sea salt, spices.

Old fashioned pickles

Format: 500 ml

The small sliced sweet pickles also known as Bread and Butter pickles are delightful.
A flavorful mix of spices for a slightly pungent sweet marinade.

Food pairings: In a hamburger, as condiment with pâtés and stew.

Ingrédient: pickles, small onions, green peppers, white vinegar, sugar, sea salt and spices.

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