Other sweetness

Crab apple in syrup

Format: 370 ml, 640 ml

 Delicious delicacy that reminds us of good memories of our grandmothers! Every little cheekbone Dolgo, equipped with its stalk is cooked in a semi-sweet syrup to preserve all their taste. Just enjoy the flesh of the cheekbone taking care of the nibble to the heart!

Ingrédient: crabapples, water, sugar.

Apple sauce without sugar

Format: 500 g, au congélateur

An apple sauce without additional sugar. All the flavor of good apples!

Ingrédient: pommes, jus de pomme.

Dried apple slices

Format: 40g, 80 g

Excellent snacks for on the go, and delicious when added to nut mixtures, cereals, salads and others.

Ingrédient: Apples.